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.29 / .27
Visible Light Transmittance
.54 / .48
Northern / North Central/South Central
Double Hung Vinyl Window
SWS's DuraGard XT family of windows has been engineered to meet today's tough energy standards as well as being designed for aesthetic appeal. SWS manufactures the DuraGard family to the highest quality for years of worry free use. All of the DuraGard products are constructed using the finest materials on the market today. SWS chooses to use superior performing components, like Guardian's ClimaGuard RLE for our low E option. The ClimaGuard RLE low E is technologically advanced to provide superior efficiency while providing natural views. SWS insulates the ClimaGuard low E with Super SpacerŪ, a true warm edge spacer. Super Spacer is manufactured using an all foam formula which provides a significant energy advantage to metal spacers that conduct cold as well as Therma Core reinforced meeting rails which provide superior thermal performance. SWSuses block and tackle balances with dual rollers for smooth operation and tilt latch for easy cleaning and removability. (See features for more details).

All of our DuraGard products with low E/argon glass meet Energy Star requirements and are eligible for the federal tax credit.

The DuraGard XT family is available in either new construction or replacement styles. The DuraGard XT double hung, manufactured by SWS, has one of the best U-Value ratings in the window market. Our U-Value for low E, argon gas filled 7/8" overall airspace is 0.29. While that alone is reason enough, SWS didn't stop there! The DuraGard XT double hung is constructed of the best of the best components for an extreme value added finished product.

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DuraGard windows are made to order, made to fit and made to last.



100% Virgin Vinyl White vinyl color throughout Extended Reach "Cam Action" Sash Lock 
Gives pulls sash together for maximum tightness ensuring 
increased  security and air infiltration
Reinforced Sash For added stability    
Fully Welded Sash  Keeps sash permanently square and trueExterior Glazed Sash 
weather-sealed with udometer glazing stop to prevent water infiltration 
7/8" or 1"  Insulated Glass Decreases thermal energy loss 
Closed Cell foam-filled bulb seal
on lower sash
Reduces air and water infiltrations
Exclusive! Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Screen
(Full Screen or Half Screen)
Sloped Sill Allows for proper drainage on outside of window Dual Wall Integrated Lift Rails
Fully Tilting Sash with Recessed Tilt LatchesDual Wall Interior Dam Leg
Block & Tackle Sash Balance with Double RollersInterlocking Sash Meeting Rails
Deluxe Low Profile Sash Vent StopsTherma Core Reinforced Meeting Rails
Fully Welded Beveled 3 1/4" FrameQuiet Fin Pile Weather-stripping
Super SpacerŪ warm edge spacers 

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DuraGard windows are made to order, made to fit and made to last.



Measuring Window Openings | New Construction or Replacement
There are a number of ways to measure an opening for a window depending on what the opening is going to be filled with (i.e. new construction or replacement)

Measuring by the rough opening (RO) or rough stud opening (RSO);

new construction only; SWS when given an RO or RSO measurement will deduct 1/2" off both the width and the height of dimension.

Tip-To-Tip (TTT);
when given a TTT measurement will use the exact width and height dimension furnished, no deductions.

Measuring by the opening size;

pertains to an existing window frame where sash has been removed but the window frame has been left in place to house the new unit.  SWS   when given an opening size dimension will deduct 1/4" off both the width and height of dimension to allow room to square up the opening after installation.

When ordering new construction mulled windows from SWS , there are no added measurements to account for.  Look at the actual size of the windows to be used, add them together, then add the width and height.  This will give the RO or RSO that you will need to frame to.

To determine united inches, add the height and the width.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call SWS for answers.

Click here to download replacement window measuring sheet. 

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